Office Reinstatement

What is Office Reinstatement

Commercial property owners frequently stipulate that as a condition of the termination transfer, renters must restore their property to its former state. Several trades will cooperate during this procedure to completely repair the property to the landlord’s satisfaction. Since the work is typically time-sensitive, we are prepared to complete restoration tasks quickly to avoid any handover complications.

Office Reinstatement

Need For Office Reinstatement

When a lease for an office space expires, renters often have two choices: either stay in the premises and extend the lease, or hunt for an other office space. In the latter scenario, as a termination handover clause, the majority of Singaporean commercial property owners demand that the tenant restore the office space to its pre-termination state.

It should be simple, quick, and stress-free to reinstate an office. The company to contact if you need an experienced office reinstatement contractor is Omni Contractors. For your restoration needs, request a free quote from us.

What Sets Us Apart

Experienced Professional

Every decision made can affect the outcome of the project, which is why management is very important. Our experienced reinstatement managers have completed projects of varying scales, and are able to provide their expertise to deliver every project on time with minimal hiccups.

One-stop reinstatememt solutions

As a comprehensive drywall contractor, we can provide a one-stop shop for all of your gypsum wall installation or repair requirements. We can take apart and dispose of your old partition, for instance, if you need a new wall to replace one that is already there.


For their safety certifications, each member of our staff must complete training. We place a high premium on maintaining on-site safety. We do detailed risk assessments prior to the start of construction and seek to remove any possible dangers.

Professional Service

From project setup through project completion, we make sure that high standards are upheld in every facet of our organisation. Throughout the project, our devoted staff is dedicated to provide you services that are professional and sincere.


We will be able to supply you with the installation service that you want for a reliable and consistent result. We will be there for you whether the property is being refurbished or finished. We will be able to offer you with a long-lasting result that will last for many years.

Cost Effective

For reinstallation services, we provide the most competitive rates in town. We will be able to give you with the most accurate installation quote. we will make certain that we use the highest quality components and materials available while still offering you the greatest possible price.

The Reinstatement Process

When a request for quotation is received, the reinstatement procedure starts. Before offering a formal estimate, we assess each project with a site survey to determine the scope of work needed because every customer has distinct demands and expectations.
No two reinstatements are same, and the price depends on how big the restoration is.

Dismantling of existing walls, built-in furniture, and other alterations to the space are a common aspect of office restoration projects. If determined to be in poor condition, the original ceiling planks from the space takeover may need to be replaced. The tenant’s installed power and data points must be taken down. The landlord could ask that carpet be removed before handover under particular circumstances.

Supporting Services

Other services typically include


Removal of partition walls and false ceilings


Removal of floor finishes


Repainting walls to its original colour


Relocate and reinstall power points of original lighting


Dismantling and removal of compressor and air-con units, relocation of ducting


Dismantling and removing internal doors, curtains and blinds.