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Shop Reinstatement

Your retail shop lease has expired or you have relocated to a new location for your new business, and you need to hire a contractor immediately to have your store reinstated? We have the answer.
If you are looking for a contractor who specialises in retail shop reinstatement to handle your dismantling, hacking, disposal, and restoring your shop to its original condition as per your landlord’s or management’s requirements. The occupiers or tenants must seek management’s permission to obtain the relevant building details and procedures needed to carry out any fitting-out, restoration, or reinstatement work. Whenever there are any adjustments to the fire sprinklers or fire alarms, the mall’s appointed fire protection contractor should be notified in advance.

Problem & Solutions

Tenants are frequently expected to restore a retail space to its previous condition prior to turning it over to the landlord. The number of work hours is usually limited since these retail locations are frequently close to busy regions.

Tenants have difficulties as a result of this, especially considering how rapidly the reinstatement must be accomplished. As a result, hiring a qualified reinstatement contractor is necessary for the restoration of your property.

You can depend on our team to give you a smooth and on-time handover thanks to our experience and depth of industry knowledge.

Scope of Shop Reinstatement


  1. Damage Assessment: We provide a thorough assessment of the damage caused to your shop and provide a detailed report of the repairs needed to reinstate it.

  2. Repair and Restoration: Our team of experts is equipped to carry out all the necessary repairs and restoration works to reinstate your shop. We use the latest techniques and tools to ensure that your shop is back to its original state.

  3. Project Management: We understand that reinstating your shop can be a stressful process, and that’s why we assign a dedicated project manager to oversee the entire process. Our project manager will keep you updated throughout the process and ensure that the work is completed on time and within budget.

  4. Insurance Claims: We work closely with insurance companies to ensure that your claim is processed quickly and efficiently. We provide all the necessary documentation and evidence to support your claim and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation.

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Outstanding Craftsmanship

We promise you a hassle-free process by guaranteeing that all reinstallations will be finished by the timeframes set out. Additionally, we make certain that the team members working on your project are all highly qualified and effective professionals.

One-stop solutions

As a comprehensive drywall contractor, we can provide a one-stop shop for all of your gypsum wall installation or repair requirements. We can take apart and dispose of your old partition, for instance, if you need a new wall to replace one that is already there.


For their safety certifications, each member of our staff must complete training. We place a high premium on maintaining on-site safety. We do detailed risk assessments prior to the start of construction and seek to remove any possible dangers.

Professional Service

From project setup through project completion, we make sure that high standards are upheld in every facet of our organisation. Throughout the project, our devoted staff is dedicated to provide you services that are professional and sincere.


We will be able to supply you with the installation service that you want for a reliable and consistent result. We will be there for you whether the property is being refurbished or finished. We will be able to offer you with a long-lasting result that will last for many years.

Cost Effective

For reinstallation services, we provide the most competitive rates in town. We will be able to give you with the most accurate installation quote. we will make certain that we use the highest quality components and materials available while still offering you the greatest possible price.