Increase Value of your property by Staging

Home/Office Staging

Home and office staging is a proven strategy for increasing the value of a property. By presenting a well-staged space, you can make a positive first impression on potential buyers or tenants, ultimately leading to a higher selling or rental price.

Builder glues a decorative brick to the wall. Repair and renovation of apartments and offices. Repair work


A vertical panel of lightweight material that separates space is called a partition wall. If you require an immediate and cost-effective way to expand your home or place of business. Using drywall partitions is the easiest and most economical way to reorganize an existing space or create new practical areas. Drywall partitions are panels composed of gypsum plaster and are often installed inside. The wall of a drywall partition is fortified with the appropriate insulation materials to make it heat- or soundproof. To divide large spaces into smaller rooms, drywall partitions can be used. These walls are built of durable, low-maintenance materials and are designed for durability.

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Retail Shop Reinstatement

Your retail shop lease has expired or you have relocated to a new location for your new business, and you need to hire a contractor immediately to have your store reinstated? We have the answer. If you are looking for a contractor who specialises in retail shop reinstatement to handle your dismantling, hacking, disposal, and restoring your shop to its original condition as per your landlord's or management's requirements. The occupiers or tenants must seek management's permission to obtain the relevant building details and procedures needed to carry out any fitting-out, restoration, or reinstatement work. Whenever there are any adjustments to the fire sprinklers or fire alarms, the mall's appointed fire protection contractor should be notified in advance.

reinstatement contractor

Reinstatement Contractor

The term “reinstatement works” refers to the removal of any temporary fixtures from the property in order to return it to its original, unaltered form. We are experts in restoration for the majority of commercial units, including offices, factories, retail stores, and even warehouses, thanks to our team of skilled, experienced workers. We pledge to offer a HASSLE-FREE service and guarantee a prompt and efficient finish for handovers.

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Professional Hacking Contractor

Hacking is the practise of demolishing unnecessary, non-load bearing barriers to create more space within and outside of buildings. It also entails tearing up flooring materials including parquet, vinyl, and wood as well as other finishes. The construction of elements like an open-concept kitchen or wardrobe is typical in residential settings. Aside from residences, businesses such as stores, offices, and factories may also use hacking services in their industrial and commercial environments.


Office Reinstatement

Commercial property owners frequently stipulate that as a condition of the termination transfer, renters must restore their property to its former state. Several trades will cooperate during this procedure to completely repair the property to the landlord’s satisfaction. Since the work is typically time-sensitive, we are prepared to complete restoration tasks quickly to avoid any handover complications

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Private Security Training

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Crowd Control

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Patrol Techniques

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Use of Force

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First Aid

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